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Why it is important to print your photos?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

In todays' world of technologies we have camera almost everywhere. In your phone, on your tablet, you have your point-n-shoot, and maybe even a DSLR. A few might even own a film camera. You can’t escape the selfies, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. People have thousands photographs. And today, people are taking more pictures than ever before. It’s been estimated that in the past 5 years, more photos have been taken than all the prior years combined.

The sad part is that few of these photographs will survive beyond a year. To many people, a “picture” is only good for the moment. Moms and Dads want to snap every little movement of that new baby, puppy or event. And in a week, none of them have any real meaning and might even get “deleted” just to make room for more pictures that have little meaning .

So what will become of all the pictures that are being taken today? Here is the reason that 99% of the photographs being taken today are soon going to be totally gone – digital images are no longer important enough to most people to actually keep them in printed form!

It is estimated and less that 1 out of 100,000 photographs taken today actually ends up being a printed photograph. The digital world means you can look at those on some computer screen and without one, you have nothing. You probably have countless pictures that are just randomly stored and has no organization or way to locate them. Perhaps you have made some effort, but even that can seem overwhelming a task when you decide to tackle the task.

Add to this, over the years, the technology has changed so fast, that many photographs taken 6-7 years ago are stored on a type of media that is no longer supported. In 5 years or less, your DVD is going to be obsolete as will your USB drives. File types are going to change as well. And the technology of tomorrow may not support these “older” file types.

Many today have older cell phones with countless pictures on them. Maybe you “shared” some on Facebook or Instagram or uploaded to your photo storage website. But none of these are “permanent” solutions to viewing your photos and sadly, many of your memories you captured today, aren’t going to be around tomorrow. So where is that old cellphone today? In a drawer someplace, your not sure where, but you know it’s around here somewhere!

There are also countless memory cards filled with photographs. Each of those represent a small slice of you or something that was a part of your life. Some are older and you have fewer options to view them as technology simply outpaces their usefulness.

Perhaps you go to a Professional Photographer and all you want is someone to “take some pictures and give us the cd disc”. 

After all, it IS a “digital world” and it shouldn’t cost you very much. You can “take them down to the 1 hr place” and get prints really cheap. No film. No prints from the lab needed to “see” them. So where are your discs today? Probably in that same drawer you haven’t found yet where that old cell phone is “lost” in. I doubt you have your DVD’s or old floppies on your wall!

So if you are part of this “digital revolution”, let me ask you- where are YOUR photographs? Stuck on some disc or stored out there is cyberspace someplace, hopefully, perhaps? Why didn’t you actually purchase that $500 canvas to display in your home that your Professional photographer worked so hard to produce for you? That was a “one of a kind” work of ART and an heirloom piece for your family to have and remember that little slice of their life. It is something that will be passed from generation to generation.

I guess that makes you one of the “most photographed generation that doesn’t have a photograph in 10 years”. I guess it wasn’t that important then. Digital was cheap. Cameras were everywhere. It just didn’t seem that important.

Lost memories are expensive.


I offer printed photos because I believe in print. Printed photos will be looked at every day. Prints will last you a lifetime and will be heirloom items passed down from generation to generation. You can't do that with a USB stick or CD. What will the computers and laptops look like in 20 years? Most already don't have a CD drive. What if your photos are trapped on a USB drive forever? You'll have nothing to show the grandkids. No photos to share of the time that was. These photographs are your story. Show them the respect and care that they deserve. 

So hang those photos you paid so much for on your walls! That family photo will be your most priceless work of art! Free the photos from your phone and start a collection of books that you can sit and reminisce with. Imagine the joy they will have to sit and look at their family history. These photos are your legacy! 

Why Print Your Images?

Because your prints are for today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that.

Because prints remind us of what love really feels like.

Because they’re only young once.

Because the place to save money is not on the most important purchases.

Because when there’s a fire, what’s the first thing you grab?

Because so many photos get lost, or even worse, deleted off of old hard drives.

Because you can touch and feel your memories.

Because you put too much work into your family not to show them off!

Because technology comes and goes.

Because photography is best enjoyed in print.

Because a memory stick in a drawer is pointless.

Because a hard drive doesn’t trigger a smile.

Because memories are tied to touch.

Because there’s nothing like sitting down by a fireplace and flipping through the pages of a family album.

Because your parents and grandparents won’t be around forever.

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